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22 mm Plastic Safety Limit Switches

22 mm Plastic Safety Limit Switches

22 mm Plastic Safety Limit Switches

Our Bulletin 440P 22 mm Plastic Safety Limit Switches have a range of options including snap action, slow break/make with 2 or 3 contact configurations, and a choice of actuator heads. You can rotate the head in 90° increments before installation for easy mounting. These switches conform to EN 50047.

Features and Benefits

  • Large selection of actuator heads
  • Positive operation, forced disconnection of contacts
  • Snap-acting, slow make before break or slow break before make contact blocks
  • Contacts 1 N.C. + 1 N.O., 2 N.C. + 1 N.O. 3 N.C., 2 N.C. + 1 N.O.
  • Conforms to EN 50047, EN 1088, EN 60947–5–1, EN 292 and EN 60204–1


Installation and Operating Instructions Bulletin 440P DIN 50047 IEC/Small Plastic Body Safety Limit Switch


Safety Switches Brochure

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440P IEC Limit Switch

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