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800FD Monolithic Operators

800FD Monolithic Operators

800FD Monolithic Operators

Bulletin 800FD Monolithic Operators are designed to meet worldwide standards. These operators include e-stops and pilot lights with either light indicators or incandescent illumination options. Using a single catalog number, you can now order a fully assembled product for easy stocking and installation.

Features and Benefits

  • Low back-of-panel profile (45.7 mm)
  • Aesthetic design complements the Bulletin 800F modular line
  • Anti-rotation tab provides accurate alignment and can be easily removed for use in panels without notches
  • Made of industrial-grade thermoplastic for superior chemical resistance
  • Compatible with Bulletin 800F accessories and enclosures
  • Ring lug capability


IEC Push Button Specifications Technical Data


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800FD Assembled Station