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800K Piezoelectric Push Buttons

800K Piezoelectric Push Buttons

800K Piezoelectric Push Buttons

Our Bulletin 800K Piezoelectric Push Buttons are available in 22.5 and 30.5 mm sizes. These push buttons use a potted piezoelectric circuit in an SAE grade 316 stainless-steel body to achieve an IP69K rating. The piezoelectric circuit detects pressure on the surface of the button to provide a momentary actuation signal with no moving parts.

Features and Benefits

  • Minimizes production loss due to cleaning procedures
  • Minimizes frequent replacement due to corrosion
  • Minimizes bacteria growth potential from crevices
  • Includes UL Certified product for industrial panel
  • Offers custom laser engraving


Specialty Push Button Specifications Technical Data


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800K30FMR24X01 AB

30.5mm Piezo Push Button

800K22FMR24X01 AB

22.5mm Piezo Push Button

800K22FMB24X10 AB


800K30FMY24X10 AB

30.5 mm Piezo Push Button