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Cable Spools

Cable Spools

Cable Spools

Our Bulletin 889 Cable Spools can combine with field-attachable connectors to provide enhanced flexibility which allows for quick and simple installation typical of a full connector-based system. Red cable jackets let you easily identify safety applications.

Features and Benefits

889 Cable Spools, 22 AWG and 18 AWG PVC

  • Offer 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-conductor AWM styles
  • Include 22 AWG or 18 AWG conductors
  • Include IEC or automotive color-coded conductors
  • Offer braided shielded or unshielded versions
  • Offer yellow, blue, black, and red polyvinylchloride (PVC) cable jackets

889 Cable Spools, PUR 22 AWG and TPE 18 AWG

  • Offer 4- or 5-conductor AWM styles
  • Include 22 AWG or 18 AWG conductors
  • Include IEC color-coded conductors
  • Offer flex-rated cable design tested to 8 million cycles
  • Include yellow cable jackets resist oil and chemicals
  • Include red cable jackets identify safety networks on your machines
  • Offer TPE jacket which resists weld-slag


Cordsets & Field Attachables Technical Data


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889C4ACS100 AB

Cable Only 889

577XL-AS100 GRL

LED SOURCE 850NM 100/140M 577XL AS100


100A 690V AC TYPE T FUSE(100FEa = 100FE)

70841025 SHD