A sustainable path to the future.

CBT is committed to the principle of sustainability. We drive environmental initiatives in 3 areas - customer solutions, responsible operations, and product stewardship. With our depth of resources and expertise, CBT is ready to help you identify and meet your sustainability goals as well.

CBT has already made great strides in enhancing the efficiency of our office and operations. For years, CBT has engaged in a recycling program for paper, aluminum, and other renewable resources. We modify our processes to minimize paper output, use only recycled paper, and we have reduced our energy consumption, while simultaneously improving our working environment.

CBT has also streamlined its vehicle fleet for deliveries and service calls such that the new vehicles have lower emissions yet achieve 30-50% higher fuel efficiency.  When shipping products to you, we use recycled boxes and manage the type and amounts of our packing material to minimize the impact on the environment.

While it is a focus for CBT to improve our own facilities, we also are committed to supporting you with products from socially responsible manufacturers. We aim to provide you with ideas and programs that will help you save money and resources. By working together, we all can achieve our sustainability goals.  

Contact us today and learn how CBT can help you and your sustainability initiatives.