Belt Fasteners & Lacing Products

CBT provides a full array of lacing products and systems for both lightweight and heavyweight belts. For the lighter belts, the clipper hook system, alligator, and staple fasteners can meet your needs. For heavy rubber belts, CBT offers Flexco fastening products and the innovative Super-Screw splice. CBT has the solution to your belt connection requirements.

Conveyor Belts

CBT offers a complete line of belts to carry products through all types of processes and environments. In addition, we provide an endless selection of fabrication possibilities to ensure the final belt is suited to provide the precise service required.

Conveyor Components

CBT has a complete offering of products that clean, guide, support, transfer, guard, protect, wear, and promote product flow. These products can be used to either build equipment or to enhance existing equipment to improve the process or output. Whether in bulk material flow, unit handling, or whatever your process, CBT has components that can solve a problem.

Material Handling

CBT knows what it takes to keep your plant moving. Count on CBT to provide a comprehensive selection of material handling products to fit your needs.

Mattop Belts & Table Top Chains

Modular plastic belts and table top chains have been a staple moving bottles, packages, and food products for many years. CBT understands these types of conveyor systems and brings the highest quality products from top manufacturers to ensure the best efficiencies.

Metal Belts

Wire and metal belts are used in everything from food processing to blast ovens to recycling. CBT provides belts from .035" wire diameter Flat-Flex belts through 9" pitch steel Apron Belts. For flat, woven, chain-edge, and all styles and materials, CBT can determine the best fit for your requirements.

Nylon Core Belts & Tapes

Whether you are driving a spindle head, printing flyers, folding and gluing cartons, or even crushing a car, CBT has the belt for you. With strength members such as nylon, kevlar, and other new-age materials, plus a variety of surfaces and splicing possibilities, CBT has the solution to your needs.

Pulleys, Rollers & Roll Coverings

Our pulleys keep your world turning and are available from 1.5" to 96" in diameter and up to 144" long. These can be drums or wings only, fully assembled with bearings, and even drives mounted to the shafts. The surfaces can be bare or covered with a variety of compounds and finishes. Count on CBT for all your pulley, roller, and roll covering needs.

Service Products

CBT has a full line of products that fit in the tool bin because they solve a problem or keep one from happening. Call on CBT your for service product needs.

Specialty Belts

Is your process unique? Many of our belts are designed with a singular purpose in mind, and our mission is to match our unique products with your unique requirements. Talk to a CBT Belting Specialist today to find the right belt for your application.