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Belt Installation Services

CBT has teams of Belting Installation Specialists ready to take on your belt challenges. Industry trained on the mechanical aspects of equipment and factory trained on belt splicing, our installers provide the perfect blend of capability, knowledge, and hands-on experience. We are committed to ensuring that your equipment runs like new. For heavy rubber installation and vulcanization, we are partnered with 2 of the best factory-authorized installation companies in the region, so there is no job we cannot entertain.

Belt Repair Services

Sometimes a patch is all it takes. CBT has a team of belting technicians trained to evaluate and repair your conveyor belt. Sometimes as simple as installing new lacing, and others requiring new sections and patches, our team is equipped and ready to roll to keep you running.

System Evaluation & Troubleshooting

The CBT team of belting specialists, through factory training and years of experience, are highly skilled at evaluating problem areas and recommending and implementing value-based solutions. Whether these are minor adjustments, moderate enhancements, or major overhauls, you can count on CBT to be with you every step of the way.