Conduit, Fittings, and Electrical Boxes


Electrical conduit provides protection to enclosed conductors from impact, moisture, and chemical vapors. Varying numbers, sizes, and types of conductors can be pulled into a conduit, which simplifies design and construction. CBT is a full-line supplier of conduit and associated boxes and fittings for your applications.



From the clean-room to the factory floor, enclosures protect users and sensitive equipment from dust, dirt, oil, water, corrosion, and other contaminants. The enclosure is the only part of the equipment seen by users. There are standard, modified, and custom-built enclosures for customers across a diverse range of industries. They come in various forms: Stainless Steel, Disconnect, Human Machine Interface, Contractor, Networking, Cable/Wire Management, and Thermal Management. CBT can help you with all your enclosure needs.

Energy Management


Energy monitoring hardware and software products and services improve your equipment productivity and reduce power use and costs to ultimately increase your company’s profits. Call on CBT to help you find the right energy management equipment for your facility.

Facility Maintenance


Facility managers are devoted to the maintenance and care of industrial, commercial, or institutional buildings such as hospitals, hotels, office complexes, arenas, schools, or convention centers. They wear many hats to ensure proper operation of all aspects of a building to create an optimal, safe, and cost-effective environment for occupants to function. Let CBT help you select the right tools for your facility.



More than 75% of the nation's 5 million commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings were built before the introduction of many groundbreaking energy efficient technologies that are now available. Proper lighting can enhance task performance and improve the appearance of an area. CBT will educate you about current incentives and emerging technology to make your buildings more energy efficient. Call today for your turn-key lighting solution.

Plugs, Receptacles, and Switches

From adding outlets to a new piece of construction to the plugs and receptacles needed for a hazardous location setup, CBT has the everything today's manufacturers need. CBT also carries all the accessories necessary to complete your project.

Power Distribution


Providing power is an essential component of any facility. Converting electric power from one form to another could be as simple as a transformer to change the voltage of AC power. But, it could also include far more complex systems. Power conversion systems often incorporate power transformation, redundancy, or voltage regulation. Count on CBT to assist you with devices and methods to convert between power systems.

Power Supplies

CBT offers a vast selection of power supplies from the industry's leading power supply manufacturers. Finding a reliable power supply fast from CBT will save you time, energy, and money.


Safety is often seen as one of a group of related disciplines: quality, reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety. A safe situation is one where risks of personal injury or property damage are low and manageable. CBT continues to add products to help you realize your facility's safety goals.

Wiring, Cable, and Cable Management


At CBT, we know your wire and cable needs go beyond a simple spool of stranded wire. Your business is also installing electrical systems in all kinds of environments. CBT's wire and cable selection includes different types of wiring from power supply cord for machinery to electrical wire for powering just about anything.