Bearings & Seals

CBT offers an extensive selection of mounted and  unmounted bearings. Trust CBT's specialists to find the right bearing for your application.

Belts & Pulleys

CBT offers a full selection of v-belts and synchronous belts and pulleys in inch and metric. CBT's experienced product specialists will help you find the right product for your application.

Bushing & Shaft Accessories

CBT offers a wide selection of tapered lock, QD, and keyless bushings. CBT's team of specialists will find the right bushing for your application.

Clutches, Brakes, & Tension Control

Clutches and brakes are used for stopping and starting, torque limiting, and tension control. CBT's extensive offering includes pneumatic, oil shear, mechanical, and electric clutches and brakes. Count on CBT to find the right product for your application. 


CBT offers a wide range of gear, jaw, elastomeric, rigid, disc, grid, and specialty couplings. Our highly trained specialists are available to solve your particular coupling requirements.

Gears & Gear Reducers

CBT offers a full line of open and enclosed gearing. From sub-fractional gearmotors to 1000 HP plus gear reducers, CBT can provide you with the right equipment for every condition.

Linear Components

From the smallest and most compact linear motion systems to the biggest and most robust, CBT has what you need. We can provide linear motion solutions that include ball screws, linear bearings and shafting, and actuators.


CBT keeps your business moving with our wide range of motors in both inch and metric. Talk to a motor specialist at CBT to find the right product for your application.

Sprockets & Chain

Whether you need a standard, stocked chain, or a specialty attachment, CBT understands the particular challenges of the market and is ready to help you with all of your chain needs. CBT offers a selection of roller and engineering class chain and sprockets to meet your application's needs.