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CBT carries high quality mufflers manufactured by SMC. SMC's silencers and exhaust cleaners offer compact design and easy mounting. SMC's silencers exhaust in only one direction preventing scattering of mist and noise. In addition, high strength construction prevents damage to threads from a side impact load. SMC's exhaust cleaners ensure clean plant air and reduction of noise contamination.


Serial Interface

A serial interface is a simple way to connect a PC. CBT carries many serial interfaces including : EX,EX120,EX140, EX180, EX250, EX260, EX500, EX600.


Check Blocks

CBT carries high quality check block by SMC .SMC's double check block for the separated type VQ1000/2000 can be used on the outlet side piping to keep a cylinder in the intermediate position for a long time. Combining the double check block with a built-in pilot type double check valve and a 3 position exhaust center solenoid valve, will enable the cylinder to stop in the middle or maintain its position for an extended period of time.


Miscellaneous Valves

CBT carries two miscellaneous valves; VEX and VR.

VEX: Power valve series VEX includes a regulator valve (VEX1*0), precision regulator (VEX1*3), 3 position valve (VEX3) and an economy valve (VEX5). The 3 port large capacity poppet exhausting regulator is equipped with a relief port the same size as the connection port. The 3-port, 3-position double solenoid that permits vacuum suction, vacuum destruction, & suspension (closed) is ideal for a system where many valves are used.

VR : Pneumatic-electric relay series VR32 converts pneumatic signal to electric relay. Series VR3100 indicates the presence of pneumatic pressure. It is equivalent to the pilot lamp of an electrical system. Series VR3110 is an ultra-compact air indicator light to monitor the presence of air pressure. It is equivalent to the pilot lamp of an electrical system.


Check Valves

CBT is a proud carrier of the VCHC check valve series from SMC.

Series VCHC40 check valve offers improved durability under a high pressure environment with a polyurethane elastomer poppet. Designed for use with air or inert gas, the VCHC40 can operate up to a maximum pressure range of 5.0MPa.