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CBT’s Client Services Group (CSG) offers a variety of customized programs to provide your organization with solutions to the challenges facing your business. CBT understands that you need a partner that can help you maximize your profitability, prevent unexpected costs, and improve your plant’s efficiency. CBT has the right items and, more importantly, the dedicated experts with the technical knowledge to solve your issues. We specialize in plantwide safety, custom training, asset management, remanufacturing, lifecycle migration, and much more. CBT strives to be recognized as your best business partner with our solutions on demand.


Our world is constantly evolving, and your facility is no exception. New technologies, products, and components are installed at an ever-increasing pace. Your workforce is also in a constant state of flux, with new employees joining your team and existing employees needing to update their knowledge. CBT offers a variety of programs that can address and track your changing educational needs.

Inside Client Service Specialists - in the office for on-demand support
Outside Client Service Specialists - in the field
Over 100
years of combined experience - at your fingertips
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CBT has a highly-skilled team dedicated to accessing and optimizing the needs of your facility. Our Client Services team is here to assist you in making your business run smoothly. We will decrease downtime, increase profits, and maximize assets by implementing customized asset management, condition monitoring, lifecycle management, repair, safety services and much more.

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