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Ethernet Cable Spools

Ethernet Cable Spools

Ethernet Cable Spools

Thick and thin round cable (generally used for trunk and drop cable, respectively) are available in bulk spools or pre-molded cordsets or patchcords. We offer a wide variety of rugged, durable connectivity components for use in round cable systems. These components include t-Ports, DeviceBox™, DevicePort™, PowerTap™ and a multitude of other accessories. Stainless steel versions of round cable system components are also available for harsh industrial applications.

Features and Benefits

1585 Shielded or Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable Spools

  • Four- and eight-conductor styles
  • Twisted pair unshielded cable types, Cat 5e
  • Twisted pairs maintain signal balance through cable to provide high noise immunity and return loss
  • Designed to ODVA EtherNet/IP™ specifications and ISO IEC 24702
  • Suitable for high noise environments M3I3C3E3
  • Riser polyvinylchloride (PVC) cables used for general purpose environments
  • Red cable jackets identify safety networks on your machines

1585 600V Ethernet Cable Spools

  • Foil and braided shield, PVC, four- and eight-conductor (two and four pair) styles
  • 600V PVC cable designed to support high voltage applications
  • On-Machine rated cable for use in a cable tray shared with high voltage power cables
  • RJ45 insulation displacement connector available for field terminations
  • Red cable jackets identify safety networks on your machines


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