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General Purpose Electronic Horns

General Purpose Electronic Horns

General Purpose Electronic Horns

Bulletin 855H General Purpose Electronic Horns produce a sound output of 108 dB (A) maximum, which is suitable for most mid-range industrial and institutional, single-status signaling applications. The enhanced version produces sound output of 113 dB (A) max. Our horns have multi-tone and volume control capabilities. You can retrofit the horns directly into most machine panel cutouts or mount them into traditional 4-inch electrical backboxes.

Features and Benefits

  • Three tones are available in the GP Electronic Horn range
  • Stepless volume control via potentiometer accommodates fluctuating ambient noise
  • No need to upsize power supply due to lower current consumption
  • No back EMF at switch off
  • Rated UL Type 4/4X/13/3R, IP66 (surface mount) or UL Type 3R/13, IP54 (semi-flush mount)
  • Housings made of heat- and shock-resistant, corrosion-free, UV-stable plastics suitable for harsh environments and outdoor applications
  • Enhanced version includes: 113 dB (A) max, two-stage, three tones, and volume control


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