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Panel Mount Signaling Alarms

Panel Mount Signaling Alarms

Panel Mount Signaling Alarms

Bulletin 855P Panel Mount Signaling Alarms include sounders, status indicator beacons, Xenon strobes, and sounders with status indicator combination, as well as dual-circuit alarms. These alarms significantly reduce panel space requirements and installation time. Our panel-mount alarms are rear-securing and finger-safe, adding a high-level of environmental integrity to your panel.

Features and Benefits

  • Mounts in standard 22.5 mm hole
  • Watertight panel alarms in three sizes
  • Sound output 72...105 dB @ 1 meter
  • Combination sounder and LED products
  • Panel mount strobe or LED products
  • Plug-in terminal blocks, IP2X finger-safe rated
  • Single-circuit functions include:
    • Sounder with selectable continuous or pulsing tone (also wobble on 65 mm)
    • Combined sounder with LED beacon
    • Xenon flashing strobe
    • LED beacon, selectable steady, or flashing
  • Dual-circuit functions include:
    • Two-color LED beacon half-lens illumination
    • Two-color LED beacon full-lens illumination
    • Combined sounder with LED beacon


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