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Pico (M8) Cordsets & Patchcords

Pico (M8) Cordsets & Patchcords

Pico (M8) Cordsets & Patchcords

Bulletin 889P Pico (M8) Cordsets and Patchcords provide secure connections for high pin count field devices using M8 style connectors. Featuring an integral male connector on one end and flying leads on the other, cordsets provide fast and simple connectivity between field devices and terminal connections. Patchcords have a cable with integral connector at each end (one male, one female) and are an efficient way to couple connector-based field devices.

Features and Benefits

  • Includes nickel-plated brass coupling nuts on Pico (M8)
  • Offers micro (M12) standard 24 AWG conductor sizes
  • Offers straight and right-angle versions
  • Includes epoxy-coated zinc coupling nuts which provide durability
  • Provides highly visible yellow polyvinylchloride (PVC) jacket which resists oil and chemicals
  • Offers compact size for space limited applications


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