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Pico (M8) Panel Mount Receptacles

Pico (M8) Panel Mount Receptacles

Pico (M8) Panel Mount Receptacles

Bulletin 888P Pico (M8) Panel Mount Receptacles are built for bulkhead or panel installation. These 3- or 4-wire connectors, available in male or female versions, are ideal for use in enclosures and allow for custom wiring configurations.

Features and Benefits

  • Includes a connector shell design that accommodates threaded male connector types only
  • Offers 3-pin and 4-pin configurations for standard connectivity
  • Includes M8 x 0.5 mounting threads for convenient installation


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888PF4AB40M3 AB

Pico (M8) receptacle

888PF3AB40M3 AB

Pico (M8) receptacle

41AB6-3F4 LEV

BLOCK110 C6 WM C4 288PR

A22AB4P5F104/A AB

Expedited Repair A22AB4P5F104/A AB (Core Needed)