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Recordable Horns

Recordable Horns

Recordable Horns

Bulletin 855H Recordable Horns allow you to download melodies or customized tones from any analog device (such as PC, MP-3 player, etc.). You can also record voice by speaking directly into the unit via an on-board microphone; you don't need to purchase additional recording hardware or equipment.

Features and Benefits

  • On-board microphone is ideal for single-device installations
  • Built-in audio input allows recording from any analog source
  • Master/Slave capability replicates content from one horn (Master) to another (Slave)
  • Synchronized output capability for multi-horn installations
  • Separate volume control for recorded content and alarm tones
  • Four remotely selectable alarm stages
  • 45 alarm tones selectable via DIP switch
  • No proprietary software required, and no third-party freeware message for format conversion


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