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Safety Connection Systems

Safety Connection Systems

Safety Connection Systems

Guardmaster® Safety t-ports/splitters, distribution boxes, and shorting plugs are parts of a quick-disconnect system that is dedicated to machine safety.

Features and Benefits

Guardmaster® safety connection systems are designed to:

  • Reduce installation cost
  • Ease system expansion
  • Simplify troubleshooting
  • Promote system modularity
  • Provide for Safety PLC input expansion
  • Support systems up to Category 3 (per EN954-1)


Safety Connection Systems Technical Data


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898D48LTDM4 AB

Connection System

00718ET3E213JP-S WEG

7.5HP,1800RPM,213/5JP Frame,JP-TEFC-RS

00718ET3E213JP-SG WEG

7.5HP,1800RPM,213/5JP Frame,TEFC-JP-Three-Phase-Rolled-Steel-AEGIS

00718ET3E213T-S WEG

7.5HP,1800RPM,213/5T Frame,TECF-3PH-FOOT-MOUNT-RS