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At CBT, the safety of our customers is our top concern. We know the risks that come along with operating heavy equipment, live electrical wires, hazardous chemicals, and the manufacturing industry in general. We aim to be your on-demand resource for workplace safety by keeping you up-to-date on rules and regulations while developing a proactive safety program for your facility. CBT offers customized safety training seminars and provides a wide range of safety products to meet all of your safety needs.

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Keeping your employees and their surroundings safe is key to a successful business. Whether your company is looking for arc flash training, lockout/tagout training, safety clothing, machine guarding equipment, or risk/hazard assessments CBT can cover all of your safety needs to keep your application compliant with rules and regulations, and prepared for any situation.

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CBT partner, Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems recently announced a new line of Watertight Wiring Condition Plugs and Connectors combining high-performance features that optimize safety and productivity during the power-delivery process.

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Safety products can improve the functional operation of your machinery while helping to increase personell safety, efficiency, and productivity. There are many questions surrounding proper use of these components in various applications, and CBT Hi-Tech Automation Specialist, John Simon, is here to answer them!