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Safety Mats

Bulletin 440F MatGuard™ Safety Mats

Safety Mats

Our Bulletin 440F MatGuard™ Safety Mats are pressure-sensitive safeguarding products that we designed to detect the presence of people on the sensing surfaces. These mats have two conductive hardened steel plates that are held apart by non-conductive compressible separators. We offer standard configurable and custom mats, each with edge trim options.

Features and Benefits

  • Hardened steel plate construction
  • No dead spots
  • 4-wire system to detect opens and shorts
  • Can withstand a static pressure of 4500 psi
  • IP67 rated


MatGuard Mat Manager User Manual



Typical applications for our MatGuard™ Safety Mats include:

  • Guarding floor space to ensure operators cannot locate themselves near hazards
  • Combined trip and presence sensing system
  • Presence sensing system within a guarded perimeter
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