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Wall Mount Signal Lights

Wall Mount Signal Lights

Wall Mount Signal Lights

Bulletin 855W Wall Mount Signal Lights are designed to communicate the status of different conditions in the machine or critical equipment in a compact size housing. Our signal lights are available in configurations from two to five light indicators and you have the option to add the sound in the same unit. These devices provide the versatilty to meet your application requirements without any mounting orientation restriction. We offer two color enclosures which allow you to choose the one that best fits the aesthetics of your machine or equipment.

Features and Benefits

  • UL Type 4/4X/13, IP65
  • Configurations from 2…5 light levels, available with or without sound
  • Steady and flashing status indicator modules, 24V AC/DC, 110/120V AC, and 230/240V AC
  • User-selectable, continuous, or pulsing piezo sound modules
  • Six light colors to choose from
  • Two housing colors (grey, chrome) available to match application needs
  • Can be mounted in any orientation


Signaling Specifications Technical Data


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855WG24Y3Y5Y4 AB

855W 24V AC/DC Wall Mount Signal Light

855WG10Y3Y5Y4 AB

855W 120V AC Wall Mount Signal Light

855WG10Y3Y8Y4 AB

855W 120V AC Wall Mount Signal Light

855WG20Y3Y5Y4 AB

855W 240V AC Wall Mount Signal Light