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Allen-Bradley is a top of the line factory equipment manufacturer specializing in software, drives, logic controllers, and more. Owned by Rockwell Automation, their products come complete with asset management services, repair programs, consulting, and other value added services. Allen-Bradley keeps you smart, connected, and efficient.

FactoryTalk Analytics GuardianAI

Predict equipment failures and reduce unplanned downtime

Optimize maintenance activities and reduce unplanned downtime with advanced notice of upcoming asset failures provided by FactoryTalk® Analytics™ GuardianAI™ by Rockwell Automation. When maintenance engineers understand the health of the assets on the plant floor, they can plan their tasks efficiently. FactoryTalk Analytics GuardianAI provides continuous condition-based monitoring, alerting the maintenance team when an asset begins to show signs of degradation and providing insights into the most probable cause of failure. With this information, they can plan when to perform the required repair and confirm they have the necessary resources and parts on hand. Repair times are reduced, and costly unexpected downtime is avoided.

Allen-Bradley safety solutions by Rockwell Automation

Get machines up and running quickly with best-in-class safety solutions. Learn more about how the Allen-Bradley safety portfolio streamlines configuration.

PowerFlex Drives

Allen-Bradley® PowerFlex® VFDs provide control and connectivity for productivity. The range includes Compact, Standard, and High Power VFDs for precise control. They enhance safety, protect personnel/equipment, and reduce downtime. For more on PowerFlex VFDs, visit Rockwell Automation.


ArmorKinetix® Distributed Servo Drives streamline machine control, reducing components and time. They support modular design by mounting outside cabinets, minimizing size and cooling needs. Equipped with vibration and thermal sensors, they enhance productivity by addressing issues proactively. For more, click here.

Presence Sensing Safety Devices

Rockwell Automation® provides top-notch safety solutions with Allen-Bradley® devices, including mats, curtains, and scanners for personnel safety in hazardous areas. Ideal for applications such as robotic welding, these range from basic to advanced smart solutions. Boost productivity with our safety solutions. Click here.

E-stops & Safety Switches

Rockwell Automation® provides top-tier safety solutions with Allen-Bradley® Guardmaster® safety switches, like e-stops and interlock switches, to protect personnel and equipment. Ideal for machine guarding, they’re cost-effective. For enhanced safety and productivity, contact our experts or click here.

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