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4 Ways to Overcome Material Handling Challenges in 2022

Published: Jan 26 2022


According to a survey conducted by Material Handling and Logistics*, it has taken between three to six months for fifty-five percent (55%) of organizations to recover from the pandemic and supply chain disruptions. And another thirteen percent (13%) expect to take six to twelve months to see a full recovery. 

The pressure is on for manufacturers to be more efficient than ever. Consumables must be produced at extremely high rates, pharmaceuticals can’t risk even minimal amounts of downtime, and product must move through facilities at lightning speed. The functionality and continued growth of the economy lie with the material handling industry, putting critical demand on fulfillment centers to run as lean as possible. Here’s how to accomplish that in your facility: 

  1. Storeroom Management – When you don’t have a solid inventory management program it’s easy to waste space on unnecessary parts yet miss stocking critical spares. If you aren’t able to dedicate resources to storeroom management, a vendor managed inventory (VMI) program is a cost savings initiative that can optimize your operations and maximize space in your facility. 

  1. Local Inventory – Over the past two years, we’ve all been subjected to raw material shortages, delayed shipping times, and rising transportation costs. These factors can lead to increased downtime, loss of production, and even business closures. Sourcing products made in the USA can eliminate supply chain challenges and inflated shipping prices. 

  1. Automation – Industrial robots are paving the way for manufacturing of the future. Collaborative and autonomous mobile robots can work alongside your employees to increase efficiency, improve precision, reduce waste, increase safety, and overcome staffing shortages. Robots come in all shapes and sizes and are suitable for a wide range of industries, particularly material handling. 

  1. Engineering Staff – Eliminate guesswork and get your projects right the first time. Having someone who can bring your plant floor ideas to life is key to success. It’s important to have a mechanical and electrical engineering resource to integrate the latest technology into your application. Challenge old ways of thinking and embrace manufacturing of the future. Save overhead by hiring an engineering consultant and only pay for the time you need for your project. 

Continue onward into 2022 with the confidence that your business can handle whatever is thrown your way. CBT’s in-house experts and our trusted suppliers can give you the support you need. Contact us If you have questions about material handling, supply chain, or how to get the solutions you need. 

* “Supply Chain Resilience is Top Priority After Pandemic Disruption,” Material Handling & Logistics 


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