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Dodge Quantis: Stocked and Ready

Published: Jul 21 2021




From the industry leader in power density comes a gearing design that is changing the way industry applies mechanical power transmission (MPT) products.  With stocked, pre-created part numbers, the Dodge Quantis product line offers In-Line Helical (ILH) and Right-Angle Helical Bevel (RHB) gear reducers.  These gear drives are available with integrated or flange mounted motors and are dimensionally interchangeable with major global competitors. 


This highly modular product offers millions of configurations offering exactly what the customer needs, but sometimes overcomplicating product selection. 


Dodge Quantis offers clamp-collar, c-face input gearboxes that can be used with off-the-shelf, c-face motors.  This input offers simple installation and minimum footprint, all while allowing the usage of stock motors.  Part numbers are available for requirements of up to 45 HP and over 26,000 in*lbs of torque.  This offering includes up to three stages of reduction in both in-line and right-angle housing styles with ratios of up to 300:1. Dodge’s revolutionary twin-tapered bushings, available on RHB style reducers, make installation and removal easy.  The utilization of this bushing system also allows for a wide variety of bore sizes within each case size. 


The helical gearing found in Quantis reducers is 98% efficient per stage.  Paired with a premium efficient motor, the Quantis gearmotor minimizes energy consumption while maximizing delivered torque.   



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