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Hands-Free Remote Collaboration

Realwear Headset

Being effective while working remotely is a necessity now more than ever. Employees are limited in travel for health and financial reasons, making collaboration challenging. RealWare headsets paired with Microsoft Teams allows the right people to be on the job together, regardless of one's physical location.

Key Features: 

  • 100% hands free

  • Noise cancellation – microphones perform at 100dB 

  • Powerful audio 

  • Outdoor display

  • PPE compatible – including eye/face protection, latex/surgical gloves, masks, and protective suits and gowns 

  • Tablet-class power 

  • Low upfront cost 

  • Fully rugged performance 

  • Water resistant IP66 rating 

  • Dust tight 

  • Drop proof 

In an effort to help those rallying against the COVID-19 pandemic, RealWear is making the Microsoft Teams a top priority integration available to those on the frontlines. Read more here.  

Contact us to find a RealWear headset kit suitable to your application. 

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