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Protect Against Arc Flash with Hoffman Sequestr Disconnects

Hoffman Sequestr is designed to help employers create an Electrically Safe Working Condition (ESWC) for their employees as required by NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace. The Hoffman Sequestr does this by sequestering the line side lugs of the disconnect from the main enclosure. This reduces the risk of accidental contact with the line side power while working in the main enclosure.


New Features

  • Mounts on bulletins A21, A28, A34, and AFL3D to easily sequester the disconnect from the large disconnect enclosures
  • Type 4 rating for use either in indoor or outdoor environments
  • Flexible mounting designed for cable operated mechanisms
  • Padlocking handle to restrict access
  • Robust interlock hardware for easy installation and increased safety
  • Larger dimensions and thicker gauge to house higher amperage disconnect switches and circuit breakers
  • Disconnect handle mounts on main enclosure for more robust interlocking



New Mild Steel Low-Amp Sequestr External Disconnect Enclosure, Type 4, 12 and 3R

The Sequestr enclosure is sized for use with up to 200A disconect switches or up to 400A breakers dependent on NEC 43-.10(B), and is designed to fit with bulletins A34, A28, A21, and A4L3D main enclosures.


Recommended Accessories

Viewing windows, data ports, external datapockets, and Absence of Voltage Testers (AOVT's) are recommended to eliminate the need to open the enclosure doors.



Hoffman Sequestr Product Flyer (PDF)

Hoffman Low Amp Sequestr Disconnect (PDF)

Hoffman High Amp Sequestr Disconnect (PDF)

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