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Reduce Downtime and Eliminate Stress of Power Failures with Lithium-Ion Technology

Published: Apr 28 2021



Eliminate the stress of unexpected power failures with Lithium-Ion batteries from CBT partner Vertiv Liebert. Making the simple switch from traditional, outdated valve regulated lead acid batteries to lithium-ion technology to reduce downtime and increase equipment lifespan. 


Lithiom-Ion batteries have greater power density, last twice as long, recharge quicker, and can endure up to 10x more discharge cycles. This Lithium-Ion battery technology has a 5-year standard warranty and is at the top of its class. These batteries are useful in server rooms, network closets, and other industrial applications. They are truly low maintenance as a set-it-and-forget-it solution.  



  • High Availability

    • Fewer Replacements 

    • More Runtime 

    • Higher Power Density 

    • Quicker Recharge

    • More Discharge Cycles

    • High Availability 0.9 Output Power Factor

    • Wide Input Voltage Window

    • Full Sequenced Battery Testing 

  • Flexibility

    • Up to Seven Battery-Baked Outlets 

    • Configurable Input Voltage Window 

    • Programmable Outlet Group 

    • Hot Swappable Batteries 

  • Manageability

    • USB Communications

    • SNMP Support

    • Remote Emergency Power Off

    • Power Management Software 



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