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Save Time, Money, and Resources with AIRpipe New and Retrofit Aluminum Pipe Systems

Published: May 19 2021





CBT partner, AIRpipe is the main choice for new and retrofit projects because the system can be installed in a third of the time of copper and steel systems, and at reduced cost. Beyond the convenience of time saved on the project, aluminum piping increases compressed air system efficiency. AIRpipe’s aluminum pipe system is a corrosion-free and lightweight solution to minimize leakage and reduce line losses. Non-aluminum pipe systems over 5 years old can exhibit up to 25% loss with a single quarter inch leak at 100 psi, costing more than $2,500 a year depending on energy costs.  




AIRpipe’s aluminum pipe systems are much easier to install and to modify over steel or copper pipe systems. Since AIRpipe’s aluminum pipe is supplied ready for use, labor savings of 50 percent can be achieved. No specific preparations beyond cutting, deburring and chamfering are required, nor are special tools needed. Aluminum pipe is calibrated, which means the diameter is strictly controlled from sizes ranging ¾” to 8”. As a result, associated quick connect components will fit securely, and each connection is automatically secured. Our aluminum pipe systems are much lighter than other materials resulting in reduced installation and modification costs.  The AIRpipe system can be integrated into any new or existing piping system and equipment through a diverse selection of standard threaded and flanged connections. 


Due to these reasons AIRpipe has become the preferred compressed air piping systems installed in small automotive maintenance facilities like Carvana to large plants across a wide range of industries like Boeing, BMW, Cadbury, Samsung, Amazon, and well-known electric car manufacturers. 

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