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Test New Technology, Challenge Old Ways of Thinking with CBT's Powerhouse Demo Wall

Published: Jan 11 2021


Imagine getting a no-risk, no-cost trial of the industry’s latest and greatest technology. We’ve created our Powerhouse Demo Wall to do just that. This hi-tech wall is an expansive, fully functional model of a typical manufacturing plant floor that includes everything from industrial networking to Safety & Motion products.

Our team of highly skilled specialists and engineers have carefully crafted and curated the software and technology integrated into our wall with the capabilities to mimic various applications in the manufacturing environment. Customers can request time in front of the demo wall, where our team will work through real-life scenarios and provide custom solutions to help you improve machine design and optimize manufacturing processes.

CBT has made the upfront investment so that you can work freely with our team to test new technology and challenge old ways of thinking – allowing your business to utilize technology to meet goals and exceed expectations without the risk of downtime and no pressure of project deadlines.

We welcome and encourage our customers to use the wall to leverage CBT’s expertise to help you solve problems and develop solutions for your plant floor. Reach out to our team to schedule a virtual or in-person tour of our demo wall to see the technology in action.


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