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TM Robot Palletizing Operator

Published: Nov 2 2020


Last year, CBT announced our partnership with TechMan Robot, the second largest robotic development company in the world. CBT is the local distributor for the complete TM robot product line including the newest TM Palletizing Operator exclusively designed for palletizing automation.

Ideal for warehousing, logistics, food processing, and general manufacturing applications, TM’s Palletizing Operator shortens the duration of pallet setting from standard six months to a mere five minutes.

The Palletizing Operator is designed to efficiently stack cartons of various weights, sizes, and dimensions. Users can program TM’s unique smart software to design an application-specific palletizing project in less than sixty seconds.


Reach out to us to learn more about TM’s product offerings and how the Palletizing Operator could help your company reduce downtime, increase efficiency, and improve safety.

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