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Year in Review: Top 10 Posts of 2019

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10. Sanitation Tech Tip: The Magical Food Plant

sanitation tech tip magical food plant

You don't have the time or money to risk contaminating your product with tarnished or broken equipment. CBT Santiation Specialist, Larry Hecker, gives you the information you need to know on how to protect your plant and your consumers. Read more...

9. Motor Efficiency 101 with CBT's Motor Team

motor efficiency 101

Did you know CBT has a team specifically dedicated to motor sourcing, specifying, and troubleshooting? Our industry-leading team gives you real-life tips and tricks for motor efficiency and optimization in your plant. Read more...


8. Electrical Safety Month - Safety "I Spy" Contest

electrical safety month ppe

OSHA estimates there are approximalely 187 electrical-related fatalities per year. Electrical hazards are fatal and costly to employees and businesses. How many electrical safety/PPE products can you identify in our version of "I Spy"? Read more...


7. Sanitation Tech Tip: The Top 10 Misconceptions of Hygienic Design

misconceptions of hygienic design

The main goal as a food producer is to keep food and consumers safe. When a food recall is issued, processors in the supply chain hold their breath and hope they are not the next to join the growing list of product recalls. Hygienic design and redesign of equipment is a critical piece to protect the food being produced. When we talk about hygienic design there are certain misconceptions that arise over and over. Learn how to avoid them to protect your plant and your consumers. Read more...


6. Chip Shots - Exciting Announcement!

chip shots exciting announcement

Mr. Stahl is back again to announce the launch of our Power House Magazine and make a digital version available for you to read directly on your phone, tablet, or desktop. Read more...


5. CBT Collaborates with Rockwell Automation to Bridge the Skills Gap in the Tri-State

cbt rockwell automation mechatronics lab

CBT and Rockwell Automation jioned forces to sponsor the new Mechatronics Lab at Northern Kentucky University. The lab is decked out in the latest industrial automation technology allowing mechatronics and engineering majors to participate in hands-on learning to better prepare them for real life situations.Read more...


4. Day in the Life of a CBT Automation Specialist

day in the life automation specialist

CBT Automation Engineer Paul Milkovich isn’t new to the industrial automation game. Paul’s been in the industry for forty years now doing engineering and consulting. For the past decade, Paul has spent most of his time delivering automation solutions to global OEMs and manufacturing companies in the tri-state. Read more...


3. Chip Shots: 8 Life Lessons I've Learned in 80 Years

chip shots 8 lessons learned

This year Mr. Stahl achieved a monumental milestone turning 80 years old. Join him as he reflects on his successess and failures, what they've taught him, and what he would tell his 18-year-old self. Read more...


2. Local Distillery Drastically Reduces Downtime with Predictive Maintenance Technologies

Reduce downtime preditive maintenance technology

A local distillery replaced outdated equipment and technology with bearing Smart Sensors from CBT partner Baldor ABB reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Read more...


1. Behind the Scenes at CBT: Sales Trainee

behind the scenes CBT sales trainee

What does it take to be a part of the CBT team? Join us as we go behind the scenes into the daily life of a CBT Sales Trainee. Read more...

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