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Sanitation Tech Tip: Hygienic Design

Picture for category Sanitation Tech Tip: Hygienic Design

CBT Belting Specialist Larry Hecker recently received training at the Food Sanitation Institute in New Orleans and has been certified in sanitation essentials and hygienic design. We want to share the information Larry learned with you and help keep your plant safe and productive.

Innovative Belt Curve Conveyor Technology

Picture for category Innovative Belt Curve Conveyor Technology

Packages have gotten smaller as footprints have become more compact, loads have become heavier, and safety requirements stricter. The Intralox® Series 2300 Flush Grid Nose-Roller Tight Turning belt meets those complex radius challenges using industry-leading design inspired by the relationship between belt speed, load distribution, and turn and width severity. 

FDA Compliant Solutions for Bread Slicer Infeed Conveyors

Picture for category FDA Compliant Solutions for Bread Slicer Infeed Conveyors

CBT partner Intralox provides Series 900 Large Roller belt for bread slicer infeed conveyors that is proven to decrease product damage and maintenance while improving worker safety. 

Supplier Spotlight: Intralox ThermoDrive

Picture for category Supplier Spotlight: Intralox ThermoDrive

Learn how frozen fruit and vegetable processor, NORPAC, achieved optimal hygienic performance, faster product changeovers, and tremendous bottom-line savings by converting all post-freezer applications in a plant to Intralox ThermoDrive technology. 

CBT Belting Services

Picture for category CBT Belting Services

For nearly 100 years, CBT has been servicing the belting and conveyor component needs of our customers. CBT has earned an expert reputation for providing great belting services by experienced technicians.

The Conveyor Belt Reinvented

Picture for category The Conveyor Belt Reinvented

In October of 2016, CBT partner, Intralox was featured in this video that was shared on Facebook hundreds of thousands of times. 

HOW TO: Check Conveyor Belt Tension

Picture for category HOW TO: Check Conveyor Belt Tension

Belt tension testing can be tricky. Josh Boardman, customer service representative from Superior Industries, demonstrates how to check conveyor belt tension two easy ways in this quick and helpful video. 

Martin Comprehensive Maintenance Guide

Picture for category Martin Comprehensive Maintenance Guide

CBT partner, Martin Sprocket & Gear, has developed a comprehensive maintenance and troubleshooting guide for some of their most popular products. This multi-functional guide covers how to properly install, maintain, repair, and troubleshoot

  • chain drives
  • gear drives
  • couplings
  • synchronous drives
  • v-belt drives
  • screw conveyors
  • drag conveyors
  • bucket elevators
  • heavy-duty conveyor pulleys
  • belt conveyors