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CBT Takes Home Marketing Award

Picture for category CBT Takes Home Marketing Award

We are thrilled to announce the CBT Marketing team took home a Best of the Best award last week at the annual NAED AdVenture Marketing Conference in Chicago, Ill. Every year, tED Magazine's awards program "honors marketing excellence and recognizes creativity within the electrical industry in companies of all sizes in a number of marketing/communication categories." CBT took home the crystal star for our 2014 Springboro Open House.

WEBINAR: Understand NEMA, IEC Standards & Certifications

Picture for category WEBINAR: Understand NEMA, IEC Standards & Certifications

CBT partner Baldor Electric Company will be featured in a Chemical Processing Magazine webinar at 2:00 p.m. Thursday, August 20. The webinar, Understanding NEMA and IEC Standards and Certifications for Hazardous Areas, will focus on the differences between NEMA and IEC motor standards and the terminology used by each authority for hazardous areas. According to Chemincal Processing Magazine, 26 percent of the global market uses NEMA low voltage motors, while the remaining 74 percent of the market uses IEC motors.

Safety Symposium: Meet the Speakers

Picture for category Safety Symposium: Meet the Speakers

Safety standards and regulations have continued to evolve over the past several years. Do you understand the new requirements? Have you implemented them at your facility? Do you know where to start? At CBT, the safety of our customers is our top concern. We have assembled representatives from OSHA, leading local safety professionals, and our partners in safety solutions for a one day Safety Symposium on October 1. 

Connected Enterprise Seminar: Meet the Speakers

Picture for category Connected Enterprise Seminar: Meet the Speakers

The Industrial Internet of Things has enabled smart devices and machinery to send data to operators, maintenance workers, production personnel, and management. To optimize production, devices and machinery need to be connected correctly and securely. CBT as assembled a remarkable lineup of speakers to lead discussions at the Connected Enterprise Seminar on September 30. Learn more about these thought leaders

How To Troubleshoot Belt Tracking Problems

Picture for category How To Troubleshoot Belt Tracking Problems

Successful and reliable conveying relies on proper tracking. Diagnosing tracking issues can be challenging, so CBT partner Habasit has developed a troubleshooting checklist to help you fine tune your conveyor system. When there are problems with belt tracking, first bring all adjustable pulleys to their neutral position. After adjusting the pulleys, check the following issues

Get Safe and Current With CBT

Picture for category Get Safe and Current With CBT

With competition on the rise, the need for manufacturers to improve what and how  information is shared is at an all-time high. Better information sharing drives better decision making, exposes inefficiencies, and sparks collaboration, which positively impacts profits. Simultaneously, manufacturers are also challenged to keep up-to-date on the latest safety standards. 

HPS Helps You Through DOE 2016

Picture for category HPS Helps You Through DOE 2016

Over the next 30 years, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) expects consumers to save $12.9 billion because of new energy efficiency standards for distribution transformers. The new standard, known as DOE 2016, goes into affect on January 1, 2016, and applies to low voltage dry type distribution, medium voltage dry-type distribution, and liquid-filled distribution transformers. 

THROWBACK: Lovejoy Deltaflex Couplings

Picture for category THROWBACK: Lovejoy Deltaflex Couplings

May 1987, CBT (then known as Cincinnati Belting & Transmission) featured our partnership with Lovejoy in our monthly newsletter. The page displayed an ad for Lovejoy's Deltaflex couplings:

With the help of a Deltaflex coupling, even badly misaligned components can deliver the same efficiency and performance as perfectly aligned ones do. And it's all because of Deltaflex's unique, double engaging flex link patented design. It allows Deltaflex to accommodate substantially greater angular (six degrees), parallel, and axial shaft misalignment with no vibration, backlash, or heavy reaction loads on shaft bearings.