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Day in the Life of a CBT Automation Specialist

Day in the Life of CBT Hi-Tech Engineer

CBT Automation Engineer Paul Milkovich isn’t new to the industrial automation game. Paul’s been in the industry for forty years now doing engineering and consulting. For the past decade, Paul has spent most of his time delivering automation solutions to global OEMs and manufacturing companies in the tri-state.

There really is no such thing as a “typical day” for Paul or any of our Automation Engineers. Solutions are generated using a variety of methods. CBT engineers must first understand our customer’s requirements by evaluating the installed base of technology and tailor solutions addressing their specific needs.  These solutions will layout a roadmap consisting of design assistance, or proof of concepts using our automation hardware lab, an execution and start-up strategy, training requirements and a critical spare, maintenance and monitoring plan. In addition to being well-seasoned automation professionals, each engineer has a specific specialty having undergone rigorous training and certification. Specialties  and certifications include TUV, PE, Microsoft MCPS, Cisco Network, Cyber security certifications along with motion control, information software, plant network design and process control.

OEM Solutions

Every customer has specific needs. We regularly partner with our OEM customers introducing new technology for modernizing existing designs and designs for new equipment. In addition to products, we engage in the design process providing “state of the art” engineering tools to streamline the design process. This is all by understanding our customers business and technical needs.

End User Solutions

Our manufacturing customers are constantly striving to improve productivity. CBT Automation Engineers engage and assist with modernizing equipment in the plant. In addition, we offer solutions for gathering real-time information through plant network design, plant information software and training on how to implement these solutions.


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