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Local Distillery Drastically Reduces Downtime with Predictive Maintenance Technology

Published: Jan 22 2019

mgpi baldor smart sensors

When your equipment is down, you’re losing time and money. We know how important it is to prevent unscheduled maintenance and breakdowns. With the help of our trusted partner, Baldor ABB, CBT can bring you a wide range of preventive maintenance technology solutions. CBT customer MGP Ingredients, Inc., was selected to be a pilot site for Baldor ABB Smart Sensor™ bearings. These bearings are designed to enable customers to receive real-time maintenance reports on their most important equipment.



The Problem

When a bearing would fail at the MGPi Lawrenceburg, Indiana location, the plant could be down for hours, or potentially days, leading to an excess of lost profit. Their old bearing maintenance software would give them a single snapshot of the equipment’s condition once a month, providing an upward or downward trend. David Woodward, Maintenance Manager for MGPi, could see if his bearings were looming towards an impending breakdown, but couldn’t tell when that breakdown would occur. With some of the most critical equipment relying heavily on these bearings, a simple heat or vibration issue could cause lasting damage.

The Solution

CBT and Baldor ABB collectively decided that MGPi would be a great customer to test their innovative Bearing Smart Sensors™. These sensors give real-time data and alert notifications directly to their smart devices and HMI’s. This allows everyone on the plant floor to be on the same page when an equipment could reach a potential failure. With this form of advanced predictive maintenance, Woodward and his team can schedule a time to turn the equipment off, address the issue, and get their plant back up and running without skipping a beat.

Baldor’s Smart Sensors™ also enable influential engineering changes to happen on the fly. Woodward was able to increase equipment speeds without compromising production or putting the bearings at any increased risk for failure. This knowledge was not readily available with the periodic condition monitoring that was available to them before the ABB technology. 

Predictive Maintenance in Your Plant

Convert your mounted bearings into smart, wirelessly connected devices with the ABB Smart Sensors™. These sensors enable you to measure key parameters and gain meaningful information on the condition and performance of your equipment. Your maintenance can now be planned according to actual needs rather than universal timelines. You will extend life of your equipment, reduce maintenance costs, and experience less unplanned downtime. Learn more about the Smart Sensors your plant needs by contacting your CBT specialist today.

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