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Digital Transformation: The Time is Now

It’s no secret that the demand for success continues to increase at a rapid pace across life science industries. Pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies are under extreme pressure to improve efficiencies, shorten development cycles, and maintain strict regulatory guidelines. Smart manufacturing has the potential to entirely change the way that pharmaceutical companies do business.  CBT is here to partner with you for improved manufacturing automation along with many other aspects of your business such as electrical, lighting, and networking, to keep your facility running smoothly. 

CBT is more than an industrial automation distributor. With more than 100 years of experience, CBT can provide the competitive edge you need to stay ahead of the curve with value-added services to reduce downtime and increase productivity. 

Life Science Automation

Across life science industries the need for automation has never been higher. CBT provides automation solutions that improve quality standards, streamline compliance, and maximize productivity across all the life science fields. 


Pharmaceutical Automation

CBT delivers solutions that help improve manufacturing efficiency and lower production cycle times for the pharmaceutical industry, while simultaneously improving quality through consistency. In addition, we understand the importance of regulatory and compliance standards and deliver solutions that help you pass compliance audits through data integrity and comprehensive traceability. 


Biotech Automation

CBT offers manufacturing solutions for the biotechnology industry that improve cycle times, reduce the cost of compliance, and accelerate time to market . Our expert engineers provide biotech automation solutions that are customized to your business. 


Medical Device Automation

CBT understands the need for safety and accuracy in medical device manufacturing. Our assembly automation solutions increase visibility for full traceability, reduce cycle times, and improve efficiency through system integration. 

CBT’s team of specialists is ready to tackle your issues big or small. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities and solutions for the life sciences industry.