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Solutions Focused On Material Handling Systems

CBT has over 20 years of experience in the material handling industry and has seen great success collaborating with the nation's most extensive material handling solutions and e-commerce providers. Our team of material handling experts has worked with customers through all stages to design, install, monitor, maintain, and modernize equipment for optimal functionality. CBT is continuously adding new products, services, and technology to keep up with evolving needs, urgent timelines, and supply chain demands.

Contact us to see how we can collaborate on your next material handling project.


  • Comprehensive portfolio catalog of electrical and mechanical installation products
  • In-house product inventory allows us to meet urgent deadlines
  • Competitive industry pricing
  • Material handling experts with extensive knowledge of what it takes to complete projects
  • Field technicians available on demand
  • On-site parts trailers for zero lead-time needs
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  • Parts support for manufacturing with over 12 million critical parts in inventory at three locations
  • Full line of power transmission and electrical material handling products
  • Innovative solutions with engineering support services to field technicians
  • Experience serving the largest conveyor manufacturers in the world – applying previous understanding and successes to your specific application
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System Integrator

  • Partnered with the top industrial automation suppliers
  • An in-house engineering service team
  • Full line of electrical and power transmission parts
  • Collaborative robot distributor backed by a team of Cobot specialist
  • Certified Automation Solutions Provider with business segment dedicated to problem-solving and troubleshooting
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End User

  • CBT Services Team specializing in modernization and upgrades
  • Full stock of all significant replacement parts at all three CBT locations
  • Quick shipping to any distribution center local to Cincinnati or nationwide
  • Customized solutions including electrical and mechanical troubleshooting, in-house engineering, onsite field technicians, e-learning, and onsite training
Relevant Products (Coming Soon)
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Contact the material handling consultants at CBT Company today to bring the best equipment supply to your company.

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