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Mechanical Power Transmission Expertise

CBT Company works with qualified manufacturing companies who need industrial machines to engineer their products. There are four main types of power transmissions: mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic. First, to define the basics, power transmission is the flow of energy from its source point to its destination: a location where it is employed to accomplish work using machines, mechanical power transmission elements, and linkages. Mechanical transmissions involve various types including gear transmissions; turbo vortex drives; and belt drives. Examples include the gears of a machine, a bicycle, or the belts that power a vacuum cleaner. Electric drives are used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy—often used to drive production machinery and transportation vehicles. There’s also hydraulic transmission, which employs fluid to transfer engine power to drive wheels. And pneumatic transmission uses compressed air to transmit movement, and the source of energy is produced using compressed gas as the working medium and fluid transmission of power. There are a multitude of various possibilities for different types of power transmissions, but our primary focus and interest is in mechanical power transmissions in an industrial setting. CBT Company specializes in conveyor belts and related industrial belting products. If your company is in search of a new mechanical power transmission system, component replacements, or upgrades, contact CBT Company and our consultants will work with you to determine the best products for your particular needs.

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