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Preventive Maintenance Agreement

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Optimize the Performance of Your Machines and Equipment

If your equipment goes down, how prepared are you to recover quickly? Most companies require some level of outside support, especially as they encounter greater skills shortages, obsolescence risks, and operational complexity. Lost productivity caused by poor performance or unplanned failure of your automation assets can significantly reduce your revenue and profitability. In today’s competitive environment, you need to keep these assets running at peak efficacy to reach your production and business goals. Not all companies have the resources to develop and sustain an industrial preventive maintenance program that will optimize their operating environment. With our service agreement, we provide plant-wide preventive maintenance services on all of your machines and equipment.    

Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership with a Preventive Maintenance Service Agreement

A Rockwell Automation Preventive Maintenance Service Agreement allows you to leverage our global network of technical resources to help you design and implement the most efficient preventive maintenance program for optimizing the performance of your equipment to ensure greater productivity and quality. Our scheduled maintenance inspections have been developed and improved through years of automation system maintenance experience. Pending system failures are identified and only those system components that are past their operational lifecycle are recommended to be repaired or replaced. This approach drives down costs by eliminating unnecessary repairs occurring with most time-based preventive maintenance programs.


  • Helps reduce Total Cost of Ownership by optimizing your Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) budget
  • Increases production revenue by reducing downtime and scrap
  • Full-service warranty provides Rockwell Automation remanufactured replacement parts to ensure compatibility

What makes our Preventive Maintenance Service Agreement different?

Total protection and peace of mind with the full support of CBT and Rockwell Automation to stand behind your preventive maintenance program:

  • Scheduled maintenance inspections developed and improved through years of automation system maintenance experience
  • System compatibility and interoperability issues, spare parts inventory, product notices, patches and upgrades identified and resolved
  • Full-service warranty that ensures we’ll repair or replace the parts in the unlikely event of a failure
  • Rockwell Automation fully-warranted remanufactured replacement parts which ensures compatibility
  • Documentation of all activities performed during scheduled visits and recommendations
  • Remediation of equipment problems

Supported Tasks and Products

Here is how we can help:

  • System compatibility and interoperability issues, spare parts inventory, product notices, patches, and upgrades are identified and resolved
  • Complete documentation of inspections and recommendations

Supported products include drives, programmable logic controllers, motion systems, electronic operator interface, power quality, networks, and software – both discrete and process systems. Every piece of equipment that is covered by your agreement includes a full-service warranty.

Preventive Maintenance Solution


Your Preventive Maintenance Service Agreement begins with a senior engineer conducting an initial performance and condition assessment of the equipment to be covered. The assessment includes recording pertinent system/component data, environmental observations, revision levels, and a visual check of the equipment condition.

During this time, relevant system documentation will be collected and interviews held with facility/plant personnel concerning production goals, system application, functionality and operational history. This information will be used to create a comprehensive and customized plan for your specific application – determining the frequency of visits and activities required.


During each subsequent maintenance visit, a comprehensive series of inspections will be conducted to ensure equipment is operating to specifications and to maximize its availability, reliability and efficiency. At the conclusion of each visit, you will receive documentation of all activities performed including, measurements taken and remediation recommended.

If your agreement includes warranty, Rockwell Automation will schedule and perform remediation on any affected assets. Additionally, in the unlikely event of equipment failure occurring between visits, a Rockwell Automation experienced, factory-trained field service professional will be dispatched to your facility to troubleshoot the problem, perform the necessary repairs and restore operation.


Rockwell Automation will review the progress of your preventive maintenance program with you on a periodic basis, including a summary of maintenance activities, outstanding issues, progress against goals and Return on Investment measurements.

Treat maintenance as an asset, not an expense. The more aware you become of your facility’s needs and challenges, the more fine-tuned and efficient your preventative maintenance (PM) activities will become. By choosing to use a CBT specialist with Rockwell Automation’s resources to develop and sustain a PM program through scheduled service visits, fully warranted replacement parts, and 24/7 remote troubleshooting – you are freeing up your personnel to operate the equipment and manufacture products, and boosting your bottom line.

Preventitve Maintenance Agreements Offered

Utilize CBT’s Preventative Maintenance Agreements to predict future failures so your facility can avoid costly unplanned downtime.

Electrical PM Agreements

  • AC / DC Drives
  • Equipment Operator Interface
  • Medium Voltage Drives
  • Motion Systems
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Networks

Mechanical PM Agreements

  • Vibration Analysis
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Laser Alignment

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