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The service providers at CBT know the complexity of maintaining operational budgets to meet customer demand and sustain supply chain management. It’s a big undertaking, but the effects of consistent maintenance and management will lead to productive ordering capabilities. Below, you’ll find a few of the ways CBT can assist in decreasing budgets including a VMI system, proper auditing, machine predictive maintenance, and more.


Right Sizing Spares Inventory

  • Auditing Installed Base to determine what’s needed in the storeroom shelves to support production logistics
  • Work with our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Specialists to ensure stock is managed to predetermined inventory
  • Leverage a Parts Management Agreement (PMA) to cost effectively maintain RA hardware in your storeroom

Preventive/Predictive Equipment Maintenance

  • Monitor Critical Assets in real time and proactively plan for preventive maintenance
  • Quarterly Health Checks for critical assets insight
  • Reduce unnecessary MRO expenses by preventing failures through root cause analysis and asset tracking

Energy Management

  • Conduct a Leak Detection Audit to identify compressed air/gas leaks
  • Energy Solutions to optimize resources and reducing waste
  • Monitoring Solutions to determine energy usage

Network Security

  • Conduct a Risk Posture Assessment to determine network vulnerabilities
  • Remediate Vulnerabilities to increase network security
  • Real time monitoring of network activity
The benefits of vendor-managed inventory in the warehouse or storeroom include meeting demand forecasts and planning for the unexpected. This starts – quite literally – from the ground up on the plant floor. Identifying the correct amount of stock for each process and equipment piece based on usage and sales data leads to effective future purchase orders. While the process can seem all-consuming, long term the time spent will be beneficial. After completing our plant floor auditing services, CBT will give recommendations on what products to purge in the storeroom that are no longer necessary. Check supplier and distributor stock levels and complete replenishments from retailers when necessary. Our VMI program will assess your needs and develop an inventory system to best monitor, track, order and replace any quantity of products available in your storeroom or warehouse. Contact CBT Company today to help meet your cost reduction goals and develop the best inventory management for your employees.

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