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Success Story - Local Food Manufacturer Prevents Break-Ins

Published: Nov 15 2017

success story prevents break-ins A local food manufacturer came to CBT Cincinnati to discuss interior lighting options for their facility. Jason Self, Product Specialist at CBT, scheduled an appointment to do a walk through of their building. When Jason arrived, the owner of the company redirected his attention to the exterior lights in their parking lot. Their delivery trucks were repeatedly being broken into after hours, and the need for new lighting technology was apparent. Jason presented a custom lighting solution for the food manufacturing company complete with computer models of projected results and cost savings. Because the primary concern involved criminal activity, a fixture that has a shield to protect it from vandalism made the most sense in this application. Jason worked with the owner of the facility to choose the correct lighting for the area and they agreed on Hubbell’s Outdoor FXL Floodlights. The manufacturing facility sits close to a busy street so shielding mechanisms were installed to reduce glare for passerby’ New Hubbell Lighting Installed[/caption] CBT promptly arranged for the new lighting installation at the location. The drivers feel safer getting into their trucks, and there have been no new break-ins since. CBT provides turn-key lighting, energy efficient solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Updated LED lighting increases workers productivity, reduces maintenance costs, and increases the overall professional appearance of your facility. Our lighting experts take the hassle out of relighting your plant by providing a no-cost lighting assessment and much more.

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