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Take Control of Your Storeroom with CBT VMI Solutions

Published: Apr 9 2019

cbt vmi solutions


Simplify your storeroom and reduce inventory costs with CBT’s vendor managed inventory program.


Storeroom management can be an overwhelming and daunting task when there are thousands, or even millions, of parts to be tracked, monitored, ordered, and replaced. CBT has a team of VMI specialists here to help you take control of your products and ensure your storeroom is running efficiently.  We can take even the most unorganized storeroom and turn it into a fine-oiled machine as we organize your stock, evaluate your needs, and implement a successful inventory strategy.


Beyond the Vending Machine


The VMI landscape is saturated with companies that supply product vending machines of nuts, bolts, and other miscellaneous equipment. They are normally refilled on a scarce cadence and often that’s the only indicator that your vendor partner has been to your facility. CBT brings a personal element to your VMI program. We will have CBT specialists on-site at your facility to access your company’s specific needs – do you have equipment that has been sitting unused for years at a time? Do you find yourself frequently running out of a specific part number? CBT will take the guesswork out of inventory stocking, while reducing downtime and cutting costs.


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