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Training Classes Help Tackle the Skills Gap

Published: May 18 2020

CBT Training Skills Gap

The Skills Gap – Is this a catch phrase or reality?  The facts speak for themselves:

  • By the Year 2028, 2.6M Baby Boomers will be retiring
  • The US Economy is experiencing its second largest expansion in history – led by manufacturing
  • 53 out of 100 manufacturing jobs are unfulfilled due to a shortage in skilled workers

All these contributing factors will exacerbate the effects of the skills gap; the shortage of skilled, trained people in a given profession. We are seeing a growing difference between what workers know how to do and what employers need them to do.

How do we combat this issue?  By looking into the future and investing in our employees through training. We need to have a workforce with the correct skillset in order to stay competitive and respond appropriately to market demands. CBT is here to help you meet these needs by offering a variety of training courses and methods to best suit your employees and applications:

“Our Rockwell class kept getting cancelled due to low enrollment. CBT stepped in and had a Specialist come on-site and walk us through everything that we needed to learn how to run a program, create changes, and utilize it just for our facility.” – CBT Customer

Training classes look slightly different as we take the necessary safety precautions to protect our employees and yours as we face COVID-19. We have a variety of remote learning opportunities available and will implement strict sanitation guidelines as we begin to transition back to in-person classes.

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