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Unlimited Motion Control


What if one integrated module could easily divert, transfer and sort multiple package types? ModSort Divert and Transfer Module from CBT partner, Regal Beloit can be added to an existing or new conveyor system and utilizes industry standards 24V connections to help ease installation in your application.

ModSort Module Features and Benefits

  • Can be easily integrated into existing traditional or motorized roller conveyor systems
  • Ability to transfer a wide array of products
  • Mechanical lift not needed (only two means of motion required)
  • Run smaller packages without “gaps” associated with pop-up transfer modules
  • Ideal for handling polybags and smaller packages
  • Utilizes unique System Plast® 2253 Roller Top belt technology
  • Zero contact, zero pressure accumulation
  • Run-on-demand technology
  • Low noise and low voltage (24VDC, no conduit required)
  • Energy savings as high as 50%-60% as compared to traditional conveyors
  • Easy maintenance through minimum spare parts requirements
  • High resolutions package control
  • Unique ability to transfer & divert packages based on the spheres’ vector speed and direction
  • 1” sphere centers allow for very small packages to be diverted

Application Versatility

  • Packing stations
  • Modular sorter systems
  • Poly bag transfer
  • Integration with MDR conveyor

Reach out to us to learn how your distribution center, packaging facility, or food and beverage plant could benefit from ModSort technology.



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