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CAN or DeviceNet Extender for copper wires DIN rail mountable (no enclosure)
Manufacturer: Prosoft Technology
Manufacturer part number: WRC-CANX-DIN-DN
Availability: Ships in 4-6 days.
Estimated dates are contingent upon manufacturer stock.
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WRC CAN bus Extenders boost signal levels, allowing longer cable lengths, longer trunk lines, and longer drop lines without sacrificing network speed. CAN bus Extenders permit maximum network speed and throughput on CAN, J1939, or DeviceNet network device


Expands the usable applications for DeviceNet, J1939, SDS, and other CAN V2.0, Part A and Part B compatible CAN bus systems; Enables the creation of star, tree and other non-linear network topologies which increases flexibility in system design and reduces installation costs; Works with both trunk lines and drop lines; Allows operation at higher speeds for specific distances; Operates at 9.6K to 1M fixed baud for J1939 or CAN networks; Auto-detects baud rate on DeviceNet (125k, 250k, or 500k baud); Isolates the two sections of the CAN bus (copper wire); Extender operation is transparent to Master and Slave devices; Powered from the CAN bus network; Pluggable 5-pin DeviceNet connections; Standard CAN chips manage CAN bus error detection and handle message bus arbitration; Less than 900 ┬Ásec latency; Termination resistor built in on the CAN bus interfaces


Country of Origin:USA
Sub Brand:DNGW