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Material Handling

Material Handling

Material Handling

Solutions Focused on Material Handling

The material handling industry is one of the fastest-growing segments in the world. It’s no surprise that companies are struggling to keep up. In order to better serve our customers and their business needs, CBT invests in a team of Material Handling Experts with decades of experience. We partner with industry leaders in material handling equipment and systems to offer a comprehensive portfolio with thousands of products, and we carry in-house inventory allowing us to meet urgent deadlines. Because of this, we have seen a high level of success collaborating with the nation’s largest material handling and e-commerce providers.


This unique, holistic program features an on-site trailer delivered to your project site and loaded by our team for zero-lead time access to products, technology where you need it, and a dedicated team of experts.

Reduce unplanned downtime from delayed shipments by having all project materials on site, and minimize your inventory investments and inefficiencies.



CBT is the only North American distributor of AIRpipe products to also offer a fully customizable facility-wide compressed air distribution plan that meets your specific needs.

Our in-house Specialists will calculate pressure losses, find and eliminate air leaks, and design and implement a modular air distribution system with energy-efficient cost savings.



Whether you need maintenance, system upgrades, migrations, assessments and audits, or training, we’re here for you. Our in-house Material Handling Team is passionate about delivering innovative, data-driven distribution solutions to help our customers overcome their greatest manufacturing challenges.
– Installed Base Evaluation
– Parts Management Agreement
– Industrial Repair Services
– Modernization & Migrations
– Robotics & Mechatronics
– On-Site Customized Belting Solutions
– Preventive Maintenance
– Networking Solutions
– Lighting Assessments & Design
– Leak Detection Audits
– PPE & Glove Testing Program
– Lockout/Tagout
– Arc Flash
– Motor & Gearbox Audits
– Training


CBT offers best-in-class material handling equipment and supply chain software to create efficient systems that help our customers increase productivity and reduce operational costs. Our goal is to help our customers achieve their business goals and improve their bottom line.

Ready to level up your material handling capabilities? Reach out to a CBT Specialist today!